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Erik challenges senior executives nationally to build maturity and responsibility in their organizations beginning with themselves.  

He is a Licensed Psychologist-Masters whose professional discipline for the past 20 years has been applying the science of systems thinking to leadership.


Our Approach

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching and training to CEO’s, Presidents, and their leadership teams. Helping top managers think more clearly about leading.

Coaching relationships typically begin with an exploratory telephone conversation, which itself is confidential and without obligation.

Relationship Excellence for Thriving Organizations

Thompson Leadership Development works with top-level leaders to develop relationship excellence. We help leaders build maturity and responsibility, and think more clearly about leading people.

Our science-based process helps leaders develop the skills necessary to create a culture of accountability where people thrive and productivity increases.

Our process takes a hard look at relationships, digs deep to uncover areas that impede success, and discovers opportunities to take the business to a new level.

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“…if a society is to evolve, or if leaders are to arise, then safety can never be allowed to become more important than adventure.”
—Ed Friedman, Failure of Nerve, Pg 83