About Erik


Erik Thompson, MA, has been a leadership advisor to hundreds of executives and their teams across the country, in a wide variety of industries. His professional discipline for the past 25 years has been applying the science of relationship systems to leadership success. He is a licensed psychologist, published author, and organizational change agent.

Release Opportunities

"Erik became a trusted advisor who helped drive business growth in both our US and UK teams.  He helped release tremendous opportunities. His work with my direct reports expanded their performance through self-awareness, leadership maturity, and coaching. The bonus surprise was that the skills we learned were remarkably helpful in our personal lives."

Arleen R. Thomas, SVP 

CPA CGMA, New York, NY

Relationship Excellence for Thriving Organizations

Business leadership comes down to big decisions between people. I help my clients do their very best thinking about how to lead. I help senior executives transform their organizations using unique tools derived from the science of relationship systems. They become change agents who build exceptional teams and negotiate critical relationships with great skill. 

We build rapport by talking about what matters most, including family leadership challenges. I become a trusted advisor through expert listening mixed with a knack for testing people - their courage, tenacity and emotional maturity. 

My experience and theoretical background are particularly suited to helping clients build exceptional teams and overcome high-stakes relationship challenges. 

Life is a sacred adventure with unbounded possibilities. It is my privilege - and responsibility - to help clients unfold their full potential as leaders, and become stronger forces for progress in the world. 

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“To be alive, an entity must first be autopoietic — that is, it must actively maintain itself against the mischief of the world.”
—Lyn Margulis, Microcosmos