A 2nd Generation Family Business CEO

"Effective leadership wasn't something that came natural to me when I met Erik almost two years ago. The misconceptions I had about influencing and encouraging others were holding me back from establishing the professional culture that my manufacturing company so desperately needed. Erik's insightful coaching gave me the tools I needed to develop a management style that was accountable and supportive without loosing the ability to hold others to account. Erik taught me that a leader has the responsibility to minimize the effect of emotional immaturity on an organization. This is the guiding principle that I am now working to instill at every level throughout our company."

John Thrailkill, Founder and CEO
Advanced Illumination, Rochester, VT

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family of elephantsThe emotional attachment in all families – even those that seem distant and aloof – makes it challenging to gain objectivity about work and relationship issues in the family business. Both the business and the family benefit from the calm neutrality and good thinking provided by an experienced, outside coach. Due to our grounding in family theory, consulting with family business is natural fit for Thompson Leadership Development Inc.

Thompson Leadership assists business-owning families and non-family managers in their efforts to:

  • Address Relationship Log-jams
  • Keep family relationships as healthy as possible
  • Plan leadership succession
  • Assist the founder in personal life planning “beyond the business”
  • Openly and candidly take on important yet sensitive issues
  • Help emerging leaders develop high-caliber leadership skills
  • Our family business coaching is based on some of the best thinking and clinical studies in the world. We bring years of experience to every engagement, keeping the work practical and stimulating. All services are customized to the specific situations and needs of each family business.

    Erik Thompson

    Our approach is based on the breakthrough ideas of Dr. Murray Bowen, M.D., a psychiatrist-pioneer who was among the first to define how families and work teams operate as an interconnected organism. These ideas can revolutionize how people view leadership. Bowen’s work provides a blue-print for leadership, by describing precisely how this human social “system” works. Bowen used the discoveries of field biologists, anthropologists, neuroscientists, and social scientists, along with his own research, to formulate more accurate descriptions of human relationship functioning. Thompson Leadership leverages Dr. Bowen’s insights to furnish leaders with dramatically-effective relationship strategies and skills.