Clarity of Thought

"With the coaching of Mr. Thompson over the past two years, I have developed into a more mature individual. I have become more adept at explaining myself to others and clearly presenting my expectations."

Richard Pence,
Chief Operating Officer
Solis Women's Health, Dallas, TX

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Thompson Leadership offers leadership development processes that help teams function better, helping team members grow more emotionally mature, and more skillfully develop their direct reports, including teaching them to coach. Teams seeking higher accountability, productively acceleration, more synergy, greater impact and problem prevention can benefit from a customized coaching and training. The Process Involves Four Steps:

  1. INTERVIEWS: Individual, confidential leadership assessment interviews are conducted with members of the management team, using pre-determined questions designed to accurately understand team dynamics, culture, and specific leadership improvement needs.
  2. ASSESSMENT: The interview data is analyzed and summarized in a written leadership assessment report that is presented to the team; specific next steps are discussed.
  3. CUSTOMIZED DESIGN: A customized leadership development process is designed, based on the interview data and the endorsement of the management team; the process typically involves some combination of interactive group sessions and individual coaching.
  4. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: The leadership development process is implemented over the course of 6-24 months.