Clarity of Thought

"With the coaching of Mr. Thompson over the past two years, I have developed into a more mature individual. I have become more adept at explaining myself to others and clearly presenting my expectations."

Richard Pence,
Chief Operating Officer
Solis Women's Health, Dallas, TX

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Thompson Leadership
specializes in the individual coaching of top-level leaders. We challenge leaders wtih game changing ideas, and direct feedback. Clients gain clarity about their most important relationship challenges, and leave with dynamic action plans that drive growth. Along the way, they learn to be a great coach by experiencing it themselves first. Our primary clients are presidents, CEOs, COOs, VP-level executives, owners, managing partners, executive directors, superintendents, and other senior-level leaders.

The coaching process is customized according to each individual’s focus and timetable, ranging from immediate crisis consulting to regularly-scheduled monthly or quarterly sessions. The preferred format for coaching consultations is face-to-face, although geographical and scheduling challenges may make telephone consultations more practical.

Executives often ask how the coaching process works. All sessions are kept strictly confidential and the person being coached supplies the “agenda” for each session. The coach functions as an expert listener, careful observer and challenging questioner in a way that helps you, the client, maintain responsibility but with deeper insight, clarity, maturity and courage.  We hold executives accountable to lead real change. 

Coaching relationships typically begin with an exploratory telephone conversation, which itself is confidential and without obligation.