In Clients' Words

"Thought-provoking. Easy to open to. Great at getting me to think about myself." 

"Erik was direct and demanded that you answer with honesty."

"The leadership and openness of my group was really inspiring and spoke volumes to the benefits possible from this program." 

"Erik is knowledgeable of human behavior, and has a fascinating ability to get you to talk and think at a deeper level." 

"I feel encouraged by successes and obvious value from what we have learned."

"Erik is in the zone, highly capable, truly caring."

"A challenging thought-provoking look "inside" that made me aware of my level of maturity and how to improve it." 

"Erik was excellent. He challenged when appropriate, led in other places, and fostered dialogue."

"I got to know my teammates at a much deeper level professionally and personally. In the process, respect went up, as did collaboration."

"Erik is always professional and challenges us to come out of our comfort zone and become stronger leaders."

"I realized that my job is to help my people drive their vision."

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CEO Growth

Thompson Leadership: CEO Growth from Duncan McCall on Vimeo.

Working With Erik

Thompson Leadership: Working With Erik from Duncan McCall on Vimeo.

What I Do

Fixing vs. Coaching

Thompson Leadership: Fixing vs. Coaching from Duncan McCall on Vimeo.

When Relationships Get Difficult

Family Leadership