Clarity of Thought

"With the coaching of Mr. Thompson over the past two years, I have developed into a more mature individual. I have become more adept at explaining myself to others and clearly presenting my expectations."

Richard Pence,
Chief Operating Officer
Solis Women's Health, Dallas, TX

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This intensive course assists high performers to become better leaders by learning new ways to think about people. It is a total immersion experience, with a non-academic feel. Each class delivers impactful new skills derived from the science of leading people. Our process takes a hard look at relationships, digs deep to uncover areas that impede success, and discovers opportunities for change. Challenging between-session assignments help you realize concrete cultural improvements. 

Our monthly day-long group sessions explore the overlap between your business and family leadership, promoting satisfying, sustainable relationships with spouses and extended family and the raising of responsible young people. 

Over 8 months you will learn to lead with more confidence and skill using carefully structured road-tested process. 

The Leadership Development Intensive will allow you to:

  • Strengthen your team
  • Energize your coaching
  • Improve your culture of leadership maturity
  • Overcome relationship obstacles
  • Develop successors 
For more information, please see our brochure, or contact us directly. 

Space is limited, and the course registration process for 2017/2018 closes in May 2017.

Dates: The group will meet for a full day every third Thursday, starting in September 2017.

Location: Burlington, VT