A Laser Focus on Relationship Leadership

Michael Decker

"Erik provides a laser focus on relationship leadership and management of self. He takes into consideration the role we play in different scenarios, understands our challenges, and offers tools you can use anywhere in your life. He has helped me step outside the battle, and view the situation from the strategic hill.
Michael Decker, Vice President of Examinations
American Institute of CPA's, Ewing, NJ

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Advanced Illumination, Rochester, Vermont

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, New York, NY

AXA Investment Advisors, Rochester, NY

Brite Computers, Rochester, NY

Brueggers Enterprises, Burlington, VT

Burlington Labs, Burlington, VT

Champlain Investment Partners, Burlington, VT

Climax Manufacturing, Lowville, NY

CPA.com, New York, NY

Delta Point Capital Management, Rochester, NY

Dinse, Knapp, and McAndrew, P.C., Burlington, VT

Gallagher, Flynn, and Company, Burlington, VT

Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union, Pensacola, FL

Klein Steel, Gates, NY

LeChase Construction, Durham, NC

Lewis Tree Service, Gates, NY

Merkel-Donohue Office Supplies, Rochester, NY

Monroe Ambulance, Rochester, NY

Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY

National Association of Black Accountants, Washington, DC

National Board of Medical Examiners, Philadelphia, PA

National Surgical Care, Dallas, TX

Newtex Industries, Victor, NY

Northwest Counseling and Support Services, St Albans, VT

Pomerleau Real Estate, Burlington, VT

Redstone Equity Partners, Chicago, IL

RegentAtlantic Capital, Morristown, NJ

Rochester General Hospital, Rochester, NY

Rock Point Advisors, Burlington, VT

Spectrum Youth and Family Services, Burlington, VT

Sutter Surgical Care Division, Sacramento, CA

Vermont Department of Corrections, Waterbury, VT

Vermont Department of Mental Health, Waterbury, VT

VWR International, Rochester, NY